Barker Enterprises Inc. (BEI) is a national distributor located in Carol Stream, Illinois a northwestern suburb of Chicago. We work intimately with our customers to ensure that BEI stays ahead of production needs by stocking product, quick releases, and competitive prices. BEI is the Hella representative for Illinois and Missouri, and we distribute Hella products anywhere West of the Mississippi. BEI is also an international distributor for HSI Sensing extending ourselves to Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

HSI Sensing

HSI Sensing products include the highest quality in reed switches, proximity sensors, spot-on sensors, magnets, and actuators. We can customize our sensors to meet your specific application requirements. No job is too small or too difficult!

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Hella Inc.

We supply a large variety of high quality electrical components from Hella for all your OEM needs. Some of our products include but not limited to: LED lights/light bars, beacons and strobes, ​ stop, turn, tail, brake, and warning lights, work, head, and interior lamps, bulbs and indicators, relays, horns, sockets and terminals, connectors and other accessories.

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Grote Industries

We handle Grote products for the following needs: LEDS, white light, interior lighting, signal lighting, warning and hazard, power delivery, LightForm, electrical connections, and much more. Suitable for a variety of applications including: Heavy Duty Truck, Heavy Duty Trailer, Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Emergency, Fleets, Mining, Municipal, Recreational.

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